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A microsite that lets you see different short courses you can join, with designs that are fun and colorful for kids, and with navigation elements that are clear and easy for parents to use.

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Interior Showcase App

With this lightweight and interactive Android app, you can show off stunning interiors with Unreal Engine 5 graphics. You don’t need a powerful phone to try it because everything was pre-rendered in Twinmotion.

3D Product Animation: PS5 Cyberpunk 2077 LE Mockup

PlayStation 5, with Cyberpunk 2077 flair. I designed and rendered the animation with Twinmotion (powered by Unreal Engine), and the video was edited and polished with visual FX on DaVinci Resolve.

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Destiny 2 has a tough puzzle that challenges even the smartest players. My app helps you crack it by letting you track your progress and tell you the next moves. guiding your guardians through the corridors of time.

Made with Android web app wrapper in Android Studio.


See Pokemon tweets near you on an android app that floats over Pokemon GO, so you can switch between them in a snap. PokeChat lets you join twitter conversation right away, leveraging extensive Twitter API.

Robot Vacuum Soundbank Mod

Ever wondered what if robot vacuum cleaners got more personality? Turns out some of them can be modded with custom soundbank.

P.T. Silent Hills Recovery Project

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro created P.T., or Silent Hills, a historic gem. But it was gone, deleted from existence. My attempt to reclaim its access drew the interest of many video game and tech websites around the world.

Polygon, Eurogamer, Technobuffalo, and more...


Balloon Trip / Flappy Bird clone made in one evening.

Tap/Click/Spacebar = Fly.

Food Warz

Eat your way to victory in this short game, and show off your fashion skills by creating your own outfits.

Tap/Click to interact.

Kuis Puzzle Snack 90an

Challenge your childhood memory and puzzle-solving skill.

Drone Mapping - 3D 2D High Resolution Map

Drone aerial mapping captures reality in every detail, creating high-quality 3D models and 2D maps.

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Motiongraphics: Program PE direktorat PPSE - BNPB

Motion graphics that show how proper training can boost the socio-economic recovery of disaster-hit places.

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